🔠Table of Content

Table of Content

1. Introduction

  • Overview of PowerAI and DEPINs

  • Problem Statement: Challenges in accessing remote GPU power

  • Solution: Introducing PowerAI as a revolutionary platform for remote GPU access

2. PowerAI Platform Architecture

  • Real-time performance optimization mechanisms

  • Fault-tolerant mechanisms for uninterrupted service

  • Blockchain integration for security and transparency

3. AI-Driven GPU Allocation

  • Utilization of advanced AI algorithms for efficient GPU resource management

  • Continuous earning of $PWAI tokens for users

4. Peaq Network Integration

  • Role of Peaq Network as the blockchain backbone

  • Tokenization capabilities and interoperability for seamless transactions

5. PowerAI GPU Usage

  • Accessibility and Convenience

  • Cost-Effectiveness

  • Easy Integration

6. $PWAI Token Economy

  • Passive and active rewards for GPU providers

  • Community and governance participation for token holders

7. PowerAI APP

  • Seamless GPU Rentals

  • Intelligent Allocation

  • Flexibility and Security

8. Use Cases and Applications

  • AI and Machine Learning

  • Online Gaming

  • Professional Graphics Rendering

9. Conclusion

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